All About The London Philharmonics


London is the home to a large variety of legendary musicians. Music of all kinds are welcomed and performed throughout London. London is home to five permanent symphony orchestras. The London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) was founded by the conductors Sir Thomas Beecham and Malcom Sargent in 1932. Since then the they have developed a very … [Read more…]

The Various Sections of the Orchestra


The Orchestra can be a very grand experience. The number of instruments and performers all being led by one individual, creating a magnificent performance to be enjoyed by all. The orchestra is compiled with a large number of instruments and they are broken down into sections. Also, depending on the type of Orchestra that is … [Read more…]

Great Ways to Enjoy the Orchestra


Going to the Grand Orchestra can be a little nerve racking if you have never been to one before. Many questions run through your head about slight details you may be afraid to ask someone. Most of the questions are very common and easily answered or accommodated to. Take a look at the list below … [Read more…]

New York Philharmonic Center


If you want to experience big, new, and amazing then New York City is where you will find just that. The organization began in 1842 and has progressed from that point, always meeting the needs of many types of people and staying current with music trends. One of the differences with The New York Philharmonics … [Read more…]

How the Berlin Philharmonics Began


The Berlin philharmonics is by far one of the most prestigious orchestras around. It keeps a high standing with their ranks in the top three of the world. The reputation of the orchestra began in 1882 under the conductor Hans von Bulow. The group had previously played for another conductor, Benjamin Bilse, who formed the … [Read more…]

Where Philharmonics Began


The world offers many great talents to be heard and seen. One of the most amazing and most powerful things I have ever experienced was watching an orchestra perform at a local college. I cannot even describe how the energy moves through the body. I often wonder how someone ever created the idea to even … [Read more…]